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Terravision Exploration Ltd is a dynamic and innovative Mining Exploration, Geotechnical and Environmental Surveying Company.

Using industry leading geophysical technologies, which are at the cutting edge of Electromagnetic engineering.

  • Terravision Exploration (TVX), prides itself on finding solutions to a wide range of challenges primarily in the mining sector.

  • Through the combined use of new, disruptive and propitiatory technologies, from satellite access, airborne solutions to localised ground based systems, TVX identifies solutions that are more cost effective or where other more traditional methods have failed. 

  • One of our key advantages results from the use of our unique enhanced 4th Generation,  Ground Penetration Radar system, GPRplus

NOTICE - Utility and Topographical Surveys in the UK and EU

Another company, Terravision Ltd, has trade mark rights in the name “Terravision” for, among other things, utility surveys and topographical surveys in the United Kingdom and European Union.

If you are looking for utility surveys or topographical surveys in the UK or EU please contact Terravision Ltd via the link below:

Terravision Ltd.


We were impressed by the professionalism of the team and the timely manner in

which the survey was conducted.  The survey was conducted for a distance of 2-3

km, capturing data up to a depth of 10 m.


The geophysical data collected by Terravision assisted us to better comprehend

the geology of the site hence helping us understand the potential location of galena

ore which will enable us to plan future exploration drilling.

— A Ford,Miracle Ltd, Malawi

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