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What is CST?

CST is a Russian company which develops and manufactures optoelectronic

tools for remote diagnostics and monitoring ofvarious objects in the optical

and infrared parts of the spectrum. CST has developed unique wide-angle

high-definition airplane-based scanners, high-sensitivity tools for infrared

video recording and mapping, optical and electronic instrumentation and

data processing software used to identify and monitor technological defects and anomalies in engineering objects such as power transmission lines, railroads, etc.  In particular, the company has developed the tools and methods for oil and gas exploration by remote airborne multi-spectral scanning.


CST Hydrocarbon Search Technique

The method maps over two dozen types of anomalies which are detectable on the surface due to microseepage. Over millions of years tiny quantities of hydrocarbon and associated substances find their way from oil accumulations upwards to the surface, affecting the vegetation as well as geochemistry, microbiology and textural characteristics of the soil. Infrared signatures are also analyzed. The quality of CST’s spectrographers allow data acquisition from an airplane which is much faster and cheaper than conventional geochemical and geophysical methods. We fly at 5km height, at 500 km/h, and build a picture made of  5x5m pixels. Data takes between 3months to 6months to analyse.


Reducing Exploration Costs and Covering Large Onshore Areas

The ability to acquire huge volumes of spectral data by overflying vast

territories within short time and reveal anomalies by processing the

results with specially created software makes it possible to find

oil “signatures” in a more accurate, fast and cost-effective way than

ever before. This method narrows down the areas where expensive

seismic tests should be performed and reduces manifold the

probability that drilling will return water rather than oil, by eliminating

the areas where seismic tests may detect accumulations of liquid which

is not oil.Over 20 successful jobs already performed for some of

Russia’s largest oil companies testify that the technology is effective

and helps substantially reduce the exploration costs, references are

available upon request subject to client confidentiality.


CST Business Models

CST is represented outside Russia by Terravision and is interested in two types of business activities. For each activity, we require a written agreement with governments, prior to the survey, enabling us to bring the plane and equipment, land in the country, do the survey and return home with data for data processing in Moscow.


  • Service Provider: Providing the exploration service to oil companies, at the cost of $2,000 per square km, with a minimum survey area 1,000 sq. km, therefore a minimum budget $2 mln.


  • Co-operative Model: Engaging with governments to survey prospective areas at our own cost, provided we are granted rights to a certain percentage of the areas of interest found by our survey on pre-agreed terms.

    • 1.  We will carry out the survey at no cost to the authorities;

    • 2.  We will require details of the proposed survey areas for a “review period” to be undertaken by both government and CST geologists, to ensure the rationale for oil discovery is sound;

    • 3.  The survey will be taken, with all results being presented to government within 3 to 6 months;

    • 4.  The government will select a pre-agreed percentage of the area which we show to be promising, and CST will be given exploration rights to the remainder;

    • 5.  The model above is risk free for the client (the government) as they do not have to pay us anything and they only pay us with a part of what we find.


  • Combination: A combination of a reduced fee and carried interest is also a possibility.accumulations of liquid which is not oil.

The model above is risk free for the client (the government) as they do not have to pay us anything and they only pay us with a part of what we find.


The Terravision team look forward to hearing from you and helping you in any way we can. 



For a more detailed paper and information on the CST service please follow the link.



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