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Exploration is the first and most important phase in mining. With a wealth of experience in the industry, Terravision Exploration offers a comprehensive solution to all our clients mining exploration needs.


Exploration begins by gathering all available data on the resource and the local geology; usually from a geological survey, aerial imagery and previous scientific work. Geophysical surveys are the next and most important phase as they are used to delineate targets of interest and their geological setting, which can help to identify trends.


Modern mining exploration has been driven largely by technology. Using our GPRplus™ system, Terravision Exploration can explore deeper, faster and with greater clarity that other exploration companies.


Terravision Exploration has frequent success in delineating many commercially significant geological targets. These include the following:


  • Alluvial deposits

  • Structurally controlled deposits

  • Mineralised shear zones

  • Intrusions such as sills and dykes

  • Volcanic Massive Sulphide deposits

  • Oxidised deposits

  • Hydrothermal vein systems

Terravision Exploration have successfully completed resource mapping on gold, diamond alluvial, coal, iron ore, copper, limestone, tin and kimberlites; as well as quarrying and hydrogeology projects.

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