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As a result of the increased power and sophistication of the data collected, Terravision has developed specialist software for processing and analysis.


Data collected with GPRplus can be processed and analysed in a variety of ways and delivered to the client in a format that suits them; the data can even be displayed on free and open source software.


Our main data outputs include:


  • raw data file ‘.geo’, suitable for GPRplus proprietary software

  • ‘.txt’, ‘.csv’ format, suitable for import into all major geophysical analysis software

  • Image files​ e.g. ‘.bmp’, ‘.jpg’, ‘.png’ as standard. Suitable for geospatial display and analysis programs.


Heading 2

GPRplus 11.jpg
GPRplus 12 NEW.jpg
GPRplus 13.jpg

Furthermore, key responses can be accurately mapped in GIS software and delivered to clients in the coordinate system of their choosing. Allowing for a faster and more efficient investigation.

GPRplus 14.jpg



These are geophysical interpretations of the data. The below image is a Radargram, delivered in section form with distance on the x-axis, and depth on the y-axis. Data can be refined using algorithmic filters to highlight key areas of interest. The radar looks only directly down from the antennas, recording data every step.



On completion of data collection, a written report will be completed within an agreed timeline. Terravision Exploration will adapt the report format to best suit the client’s requirements.


As standard, the written report will contain:


  • Analysed geophysical data


  • Relevant geo referencing


  • Summary & recommendations

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