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What is Terravision Exploration?


Terravision Exploration, also known as TVX, is focused on delivering a comprehensive Geophysical, Geomatic and Geotechnical service to a range of applications including Civil Engineering, Mining Exploration and Environmental Assessment. By utilising the latest technologies and systems, Terravision Exploration can provide intelligent, cost effective and efficient solutions where other systems have failed.


This includes the integration and implementation of new, non-disruptive and propitiatory technologies through both airborne and terrestrial systems in our continued pursuit of excellence.


Terravision Exploration began its journey by conducting pioneering deep GPR surveys utilising its proprietary technology; GPRplus. The GPRplus radar technology is derived from a requirement of the Russian space programme to scan for water on Mars. Existing ground penetrating radar technologies traditionally penetrate to 20m in conducive conditions. GPRplus is consistently effective to depths of up to 200m, with unrivalled resolution, clarity and speed in a diverse range of environments. A link to further information on the system can be found here:- GPRplus


Terravision Exploration now has extensive experience and expertise in the engineering and mining industry and operates on a global scale with the capability for teams to be deployed on any continent simultaneously.



Terravision Exploration delivers financial savings to our clients, through low cost resource targeting, real time data processing and analysis. Terravision Exploration’s versatile approach and use of market leading solutions, from the latest Drone capabilities through to technologies designed to work on Mars, all coupled with the highest standards of analysis, Terravision is redefining the Mining Exploration and Geotechnical markets.


​Terravision Exploration has a proven track record working in adverse terrain as well as world renowned heritage sites, applying world leading knowledge and experience to complex issues. Terravision Exploration implement a focus on site specific needs and are committed to maintaining an emphasis on minimal impact to the environment and surrounding operations.


​A list of the geophysical systems we use can be found in SERVICES


Mission Statement:-

Terravision Exploration aims to provide intelligent and unique solutions to complex challenges while maintaining a high level of trust and integrity with our clients.ts.


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