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Terravision Exploration's GPR, also known as GPRplus is a ground-scanning device, that verifies and investigates the presence of mineral resources and geological features, with unrivalled clarity and speed up to 200m.


GPRplus is a leading technological tool, where, with minimum cost, information can be obtained about the geological structure of the section and prospective areas identified with real time speed.


Terravision Exploration was one of the first companies to take advantage of the deep imaging GPR systems commonly referred to as GPRplus, DPR or DGPR. In ideal conditions these unique systems can penetrate up to depths of 200m and have provided ground breaking resolution of the unseen around the globe. Terravision Exploration has been at the forefront of GPRplus operations since the emergence of the technology and is proud to see the international adoption of GPRplus solutions. Building on our pedigree of championing new concepts Terravision Exploration is leading the charge on new technologies across the geospatial industry.


 It is not widely known that the GPRplus has its origins in space exploration. Low frequency signals have been purposefully used to explore extra-terrestrial environments such as the moon. Low frequency ground penetrating radar was used to map the lunar sub-surface up to a depth of 2 km during the Apollo and LUNA missions.


The genius of GPRplus is the design of a system that uses low

frequency signals here on earth. The difficulty is, unlike in space,

ground conditions on earth have a much higher water content

which more readily absorbs electromagnetic signals. GPRplus

 works because it is has a higher dynamic range than other GPR



​Note: Dynamic range can be compared to the 'currency' of

penetration. The more you have, the deeper you can penetrate

effectively.  Traditional GPR units are able to achieve a dynamic

range of 96dB after extensive amplification and pre-processing

techniques. GPRplus is able to achieve a dynamic ranges of

126dB in the primary band - before any filtering techniques have

been applied to the signal. This means GPRplus has more 'currency' to spend.


By using low frequency signals GPRplus is able to spend less currency per metre than traditional GPR units. GPRplus is not a new concept, rather it is a back to basics approach.

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